The Missing Link

Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise between telecom providers and solution vendors to bridge the gap and foster collaboration.

Extending a diversified range of proprietary and third-party services and platforms to telecom operators, while enabling faster market penetration for vendors, fostering valuable win-win collaborations.

A plethora of platforms, applications, and services that cater to the needs of Internet Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators, Regulators, Content Providers, Tech Vendors, to facilitate the delivery of successful digitalisation and diversification projects and initiatives that meet current and future industry challenges.


Catering to mobile operators and internet service providers technological needs to improve their market positioning and complete their value proposition.

Kinetic E2E Delivery of Telecom Value Added Services (SDP)

A comprehensive platform to consolidate and streamline the delivery of existing and new value added services with the power of smart billing and notifications optimisation.

Aircast STK-Based Push Marketing Solutions

Empower telecom operators to regain control over communication channels for core offerings and value-added services, while generating new revenue streams.

Origami Software Distribution Platform and Marketplaces

A robust multi-purpose digital distribution ecosystem to streamline connections and interactions between software vendors and customers of telecommunication operators.

Sherlock Deep Inspection Packet Platform (DPI)

A cutting-edge DPI platform that empowers telecommunication operators to collect valuable insights to digitise and optimise the delivery of core offerings and digital services.


Offer engaging experiences to telecommunication clients and improve interactions with the core offerings.

Cosmos Live an unforgettable space adventure

Embark upon a whimsical cosmic odyssey, and partake in a captivating voyage through space. Link Cosmos to telecom core offerings and increase engagement.

Enigma The enchanting real of mysticism

With the whimsical strokes of a virtual deck, this meticulously crafted creation illuminates the path to introspection and self-discovery.

Connect Gamify your Customers’ interactions

Experience the joy of connection through immersive chat services through several curated themes catered. Offer voice and data bundles to brighten your customers’ interactions


Enrich the digital offerings of telecom providers to leverage captivating experiences and unlock untapped revenue opportunities.

Olympia Next-Gen Gamified Gaming Portal

A playful escape of a captivating gaming journey that will keep your customers craving for more where entertainment and imagination collide in a pocket-sized wonderland

Delphi Quiz promos Integration with Core Services

The entertainment and imagination wonderland where players ascend the ladder of multi-thematic trivia. A guaranteed recipe to boost engagement and revenues.

Fulcrum All-in-One Digital Entertainment Shop

Let your customers experience the ultimate fusion of all digital entertainment: music, video, gaming, trivia, e-learning, cybersecurity … etc. All in one big wonderland.

Digitalisation Consultants

Digitalisation Consultants

We help you transform the channels and processes of your core offerings and value added services.

With the guidance of our teams of experts, with experience both as telecom providers and as platforms and solutions vendors, you can navigate the complexities of digital transformation with confidence. We empower you to adapt to changing customer preferences, seize emerging opportunities, and differentiate your business in your region to deliver exceptional value and drive sustainable success.

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